Selected Examples of Components Produced

The personnel of MS BOLT, a.s. produce atypical connecting components (according to materials and designs) and various machined components:

  • in accordance with documentation supplied,
  • in accordance with ČSN, DIN, API Standards,
  • as agreed, with drawing documentation prepared by ourselves.

Example Drawings Enclosed

Trunnions, pins, shafts

of various shapes and sizes, made of materials required by the customer. Frequently used materials are 11523 (DIN 1.0570), 15128 (DIN 1.7715), 15130 (DIN 1.7218), 15142 (DIN 1.7225), 15236 (DIN 1.7733), 17021 (DIN 1.4024) , 17247 (DIN 1.4541),17348 (DIN 1.45671) and other. produkt produkt produkt produkt

2. Rings, sockets, bushings

made of steel, cast iron, bronze,brass, heat treatment as required. produkt produkt produkt produkt

3. Stop plugs, screw nipples, pipe couplings

with G, G taper, W,M threads, materials 11500 (DIN 1.0050), 17021(DIN 1.4024), 17246(DIN 1.4878) and other. produkt produkt produkt produkt

4. Valve components

for globe, check, gate, ball valves, covers,bonnets, valve plugs, seat with and without weld deposits,spare parts, materials 11523(DIN 1.0570), 15236(DIN 1.7733), 17326(DIN 1.7225), weld deposits - stainless steel, stellite. produkt produkt

5. Nuts and threaded sleeves

according to drawings, various shapes and sizes, materials - various steel grades, grey cast iron,Ni-Resist, bronze, brass, with internal or external threads or both. Common nuts of bigger sizes. We do not produce small nuts. produkt produkt produkt produkt produkt produkt

6. Bolts and stems

according to drawings and ČSN Standards. The production of these components is our domain. Materials steel with M, W, ACME, G threads, with heads, with forged heads, stud bolts, screw rods.Stems of various designs. produkt produkt produkt produkt produkt produkt produkt

7. Machining of castings and forgings

machining of both rotary and even components in accordance with requirements of customers and drawing documentation of customers. produkt produkt

8. Industrial plug valves,

made of grey cast iron/grey cast iron,grey cast iron/brass, bronze, steel, stainless steel. Types K10, K20, K30, K60, K61, K96, C3, sizes DN 10 to DN 150.Installation inserts made of grey cast iron for pressures 0.16 and 0.25 MPa, sizes DN 50 to DN 250.

9. Welding of frames

of machines and other structures made of sections, plates, pipes and other parts machined by our company. produkt produkt

10. Roll bending of sheet-metal stock

3 – 40 mm thick, sectional bars up to 250 x 80 mm, I-beams, U-irons, thin-walled sections up to 200x100x10 mm (for valves, civil engineering and other industries). produkt produkt

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